Slipped Disk, French Bulldog

Herniated disc paralyzed dog surgery wheelchair
Name: Lascar
Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 4 y.o.
Surgeon: Dr Michel Baron DVM specialist in surgery in a referral private practice
Location: Maisons-Alfort near Paris (FRANCE).
Pathology: Disk herniation or slipped disk
  •   Lascar was Grade 5a when he started the rehabilitation process, about 1.5 months after the surgery.
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  • At this stage, the pedal system is activated (at that time Kerdog was still in its prototype phase). This phase 1 lasted 2.5 months with about 2 sessions a day of 20-30 minutes each. It was observed that Lascar became strong enough on his hind limbs to block the pedal system. And it was decided to move to phase 2 with the pedal system being deactivated. This phase 2 lasted 2 weeks.
  • Usually, when we start phase 2, at the same time we begin exploring how the dog behaves without the pedal system (phase 3), just having his back being supported by its rear harness. If he has begun recovering his voluntary movements, we prefer to promote this phase 3 as opposed to phase 2 as we consider that it speeds up the rehabilitation process. With Lascar, this phase 3 lasted 2 weeks.
  • At the end of the video, you can see Lascar walking without any support or external equipment.