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By pathology

  • Disc Herniation – Slipped disc

« After one month and a half using the KERDOG every day, Nestor has recovered the usage of his back legs and can now play with us again » Florence H.

« After one month of usage, I could see real progresses made by my dog. She got her balance and hapiness back. I’m also very happy with the SOPHIADOG team who is always available to help us or to give advises. I strongly recommand this product which gives a true rehabilitation capability without being painful. » Dieu D.

“This wheelchair is easy to set-up and to use. When our dog sees the Kerdog, she is excited and just want to exercise”

“The KerDOG gives our dog the possibility to do at home exercise as a complement to water and physiotherapy that she does at the rehab clinic.”

” My Dog has been using the Kerdog for a month now and I can already see the improvements!  It looks like she discovered the pleasure of walking…again.”

“The SOPHIADOG team provided us with a strong support in order to answer all my questions”

  • Fibro Cartilaginous Embolism

« Benhur used the KERDOG with the asymetric mode. It allowed him to recover the use of his right back leg» Alain F.

  • Arthritis

« The pelvis is well maintained by the KerDOG which allows us to manage easily the problem linked to Frey’s illness and gives him much more autonomy. »

  • Demyelination

« Thank to the KERDOG, we have been able to accompany our German Sheeper for his last months and walk outside with him. The KERDOG brings him a live confort and hapiness. »   Laurence S.