Slipped Disk, Pug

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Name: Jester
Breed: Pug
Age: 5 y.o.
Surgeon: Dr Massart and DVM Demars, Prof Pierre Moissonnier
Physiotherapist: Dr Massart and DVM Demars
Location: Belgium
Pathology: Disk herniation

Jester  is a 5 year old Carlin pug who was operated for a disk herniation.

These videos show Jester during his two and a half month rehabilitation program.

  • Jester began using his KERDOG 45 days after his spinal surgery
  • He started his rehab with 2 weeks in phase 1, meaning the pedal system being activated
  • Then, Jester moved directly to phase 3 (pedal system removed) as he recovered rapidly his volunteer This phase 3 lasted a little bit more than 2 months:[/embedyt]
  • This last video shows Jester walking again on his own, 4 months after he started his rehabilitation program :
    •  [embedyt][/embedyt]