Herniated disc, Dachshund

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Name: Summer
Breed: Dachshund
Age: 4 y.o.
Surgeon: Dr Patrick Roynard, DVM, Neurosurgeon, Diplomate ECVS
Physiotherapist: Dr Lauren Franck, DVM, Physiotherapist, University California Davis (UCDavis) – USA
Pathology: Disk herniation or slipped disk

Summer, 20 pounds, was operated for a disk herniation. She started her rehabilitation program with the Kerdog around 3 months after her surgery.

  • [embedyt]http://youtu.be/8nnujuHmybQ[/embedyt]
  • preparation of Summer’s Kerdog in order to fit Summer’s sizes and Summer before starting her rehab

Summer has been in rehab with his Kerdog for 10 weeks. Summer has moved to phase 3 of his rehabilitation program meaning with pedal system off. He has partially started walking again on his own. This case will be updated with videos and rehab results in the coming weeks