Herniated Disk, Maltese

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Name: Pirate
Breed: Maltese
Age: 12 y.o.
Surgeon: Prof Pierre Moissonnier, DVM, PhD. Diplomate ECVS , Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Veterinary School of Maisons Alfort FRANCE).
Location: Maisons-Alfort near Paris (FRANCE).
Pathology: Disk herniation or slipped disk

The videos show  “Pirate” a 12 years old Maltese dog after he was operated for a disk herniation.

  • In this hyper link you can see the initial clinical presentation of Pirate when we started the rehabilitation process, around 3 months postoperatively.
  • [embedyt]http://youtu.be/aCNMOKCCmeQ[/embedyt]
  • In this video, you then see the start of the rehab process with the pedal system being activated. This phase 1 lasted one month with two 20-30 minutes sessions a day
  • [embedyt]http://youtu.be/eBa0OhWzKIE[/embedyt]
  • The dog’s owner considered that Pirate was starting to push quite strongly on the pedals and she decided, according to our recommendations and her local vet’s ones to move to phase 2 with the pedal system deactivated. This phase 2 lasted 2 months
  • .[embedyt]http://youtu.be/TvszLqMIims[/embedyt]
  • In those two last videos, you can see Pirate walking again on his own without any support or external equipment. In that particular example, Pirate didn’t need to use the Kerdog in its 3rd mode, meaning without any pedal system
  • [embedyt]http://youtu.be/6dvRRJ8z2cE[/embedyt]
  • [embedyt]http://youtu.be/N1iv-OlVKZ4[/embedyt]