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KerDOG is a rehab cart that integrates a patented system with pedals that helps dogs suffering from various pathologies to get their legs motion coordination and their muscle structure back. These elements are essential for them to walk again.

KerDOG has been developed and designed with veterinarians among the most recognized in the world, especially in the Domains of Neurology and Orthopedics.

KerDOG has three shifts that help to follow the evolution of the progresses made by the dog based on 3 phases:


 carlin 3

The back legs are motioned by the pedal-board at a coordinated pace with the motion of the front legs. It allows to keep or strengthen a basic level of muscle mass that is needed to move to the next level



The back legs, after having their sensitivity back start to move. The pedalboard is then deactivated to help the dog to get his natural gait coordination back.



The pedal board module is taken off from the cart (it takes a minute) to allow the back legs to move autonomously. The pelvis is supported to get the full balance back.

The most common pathologies on which KerDOG has proven its efficiency are:

slipped discs (or herniated discs), Fibro Cartilageneous Embolism (FCE), elderly dogs with handicaps such as arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, broken legs, muscle or tendon tear or snap, cruciate ligaments…

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